What are You Doing this Weekend?

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Lots going on this weekend, what with all the new Back-To-School TV shows, Ellen’s new job at American Idol, a bunch of movie openings, and of course, the 2009 MTV VMA’s with their special Michael Jackson tribute. That said, what will you do for fun this weekend? Will you watch the new CGI- animated flick “9” featuring the voices of Elijah Wood and Jennifer Connelly? Will you take yourself off to see I Can Do Bad All By Myself — starring Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson (she ‘s the lady who totally rocked in Benjamin Button last year)? Perhaps you’ll opt for the new  legal thriller starring Michael Douglas called  Beyond a Reasonable Doubt with Amber Tamblyn.  Or would you rather see something scary like Sorority Row? Or something only slightly less scary — Lady Gaga at the VMA’s? Of course,  this Sunday’s MTV Awards do boast, in addition to the Michael Jackson Tribute, a cavalcade of young stars plus a sneak peek at never-before-seen New Moon footage…does that pique your interest? Oh, and Twilight/New Moon’s own Ashley Greene is the VMA’s own correspondent (so they’ve really got their vampire on over at MTV.)  Basically, quite a bit to choose from, so now we’re curious about where your priorities lie. Will you venture out to the cineplex or will you stay home and get some  rest and relaxation in front of the tube?  I am wondering if you’d care to rank potential activities — we’ve listed three of the weekend’s big openings — plus the VMA’s, according to  your personal preference. Voice your choice in today’s poll and tell us the kinds of entertainment you’re most excited about over the next few days.

What weekend offerings are you most eager to see?

1) 9

2) I Can Do Bad All by Myself

3) Sorority Row

4) MTV Video Music Awards


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