Whose News Do You Trust Most?

By People's Choice | 9:32 am on September 3, 2009
Charlie Gibson

Charlie Gibson

So today…I’m not going to talk about Halle Berry’s latest pregnancy (but Bravo, girl!) nor whether Jennifer Aniston lost Bradley Cooper to Renee Zellweger (did she or didn’t she?). Rather, let’s talk news, as in Evening News. Because it seems that beloved ABC News Anchor Charlie Gibson is stepping down, after maintaining a level of true excellence (and ratings wins) for a number of years now. So who’s stepping in for Mr. Gibson? The lovely Diane Sawyer, whom we’ve all come to love from Good Morning America.  Not that GMA is her only accomplishment by a long shot. The lady has a very long and distinguished career, and in fact was THE first woman to co-anchor the Sunday Night News Behemoth, 60 minutes.

So now,  this extraordinary and classy 63 year old will  be delivering headlines at night.

Which means we have — in the Nightly News shows — two, count ‘em: two ladies — at the helm of Big Big News Programs. Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric — with Brian Williams snappily sandwiched in the middle. So my question for you all is this: who will you watch? I guess I should ask first: do you watch news at night in the first place? And then IF you’re one of those folks who do, will the Gibson Exit/Sawyer Entrance change the news you watch? Will you tune in just to compare & contrast the ladies and then go back to CNN or Fox?Voice your choice in today’s featured poll.

Which nightly news broadcast will you watch?

1) Diane Sawyer (ABC)

2) Brian Williams (NBC)

3) Katie Couric (CBS)

10 Responses

  1. Nice Post, better still I’m able to view it on my new iPhone.

  2. Luann says:

    BRIAN WILLIAMS! He is smart and extremely funny! I dont think that he takes himself half as serious as the other two do.

  3. d matthews says:

    I would watch Brian Williams. rather than watch and listen to the rabid fans of the almighty Fox. I would rather get an impartial view anytime, than the canned response of the almighty Fox. The question should’nt be republicans right and democrats wrong, but work together and fix it.

  4. liz says:

    I am not a fan. Hate them all!

  5. Jerry says:

    Evening Obama worshiping? Get real, I’d watch the Fox Foxes anytime, any day, before tuning in the liberal plastic bimbos.

  6. kat says:

    HLN’s Robin Meade is very classy. I am tired of seeing the women news people dressed all alike, as if they are going to cocktails- all arms, legs and hair- while the news men wear suits and ties. That is why Robin Meade is refreshing when she delivers the news; She has a classic, wholesome, yet colorful look; and she has a sparkle that radiates, and seems like a genuine person.

  7. CindyV says:

    Brian Williams, he’s smart & funny!

  8. Michele Perry says:

    Don’t watch the evening news that much but when I do I usually turn on ABC…Doesn’t matter who the anchor is.

  9. jonette10 says:

    I do not watch the news as much as I use to. The news is so depressing. To me it does not matter who is giving it.Man or Woman.

  10. allece says:

    I will be watching Brian Willians…just like men better for the evening news.

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