Your Motown 50 Fanthology is Here!

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Motown 50 Fanthology

Motown 50 Fanthology

The wait is over…because the ultimate CD for Motown fans is in stores TODAY. We asked …and you answered. Motown is 50 years old…so now they’ve gone and released a brand new anthology – a “Fanthology” — with the top 50 songs picked by the fans, for the fans. It seems The Temptations’ “My Girl” is the #1 most beloved Motown fan fave song ever. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” came in second, with more hits from the Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and of course, The Jackson 5 rounding out the top 12. An incredible collection from an astounding company — in fact, no other record label has had such a profound influence on both the style and substance of pop music and culture as Motown. So you might want to go pick up a copy of this CD because it’s loaded with precisely what fans love the most (Click here to get your copy on iTunes or Amazon).

And when it comes to the favorite artist of all time, People’s Choice got with Motown and we asked you all to fill us in. You voted and we listened.  The #1? Jackson 5. Of course we’ll be recognizing their incredible legacy at the People’s Choice Awards. So now that you’ve voted The Jackson 5 as #1, we want to know one more thing:  The Jacksons have 3 hit songs in the top 12 songs from Motown’s 50 Fanthology. Which of these tunes is your favorite? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll.

1) ABC

2) I Want You Back

3) I’ll Be There


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