Dancing with Lots of New Stars…

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Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

ABC’s hit hoofer extravaganza is BACK for its 9th season …and it’ll bow September 21st for a 3-night kickoff. Then we’ll see who’s got the moves — and who doesn’t. This week’s big announcement? The 16 (count em, because it’s a record for the show) “Stars” who will be strutting their stuff…so who are they? Well, let’s start with family fave Donny Osmond, who will be showcasing is moves. Then we have NFL champ Michael Irvin, singer Mya, TV stars Melissa Joan Hart & Kelly Osborne, actress Debi Mazar, UFC champ Chuck Lidell, Olympic gold medalist Natalie Coughlin, actor Aaron Carter, swimsuit model Joanna Krupa, actor Ashley Hamilton, model Kathy Ireland, actor Mark Dacascos, athlete Louie Vito, singer Macy Gray, and get this one: politician (and no stranger to controversy — let’s see if he can tap dance his way out of this one) Tom DeLay. Bottom line, there are a LOT of stars and we’re eager to see who’s got the most juice going into it. Do you have early faves? Are these people all really stars? Any key omissions this season? It’s time to start handicapping the contest, so voice your choice in today’s featured poll. Of the early favorites who do you think will win?

1) Donny Osmond

2) Tom DeLay

3) Melissa Joan Hart


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