Television Critics Association Awards

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The Television Critics Association passed out their prizes last Saturday, giving Top Program of the Year to SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica. AMC’s Mad Men won Top Drama and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory won Top Comedy.

You’ve got to give props to the TCA for honoring TV series that aren’t typically taking home trophies at other awards shows. Although Mad Men has won an Emmy and two Golden Globes for Best Drama, The Big Bang Theory and Battlestar Galactica have not received nods for their shows (except in some technical and acting categories.) All three have amassed passionate fan bases while also winning over the critics.

Which of these programs is your favorite? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll. Battlestar Galactica is available on DVD, season 3 of Mad Men premieres on AMC on Sunday, August 16th, and The Big Bang Theory will be back on CBS this fall.

The cast of Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men


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