Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

By fredonelson | 9:48 am on July 13, 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

I was one of the folks who contributed to Bruno‘s $30.4 million box office over the weekend. Have you seen the movie yet? If not, do you plan to do so?

If you do please, don’t make the mistake of bringing your children. A guy in the screening I attended brought his two kids — I’d say around 8 and 10 years old — and had to whisk them away after the first thirty raunchy minutes. I’m not sure what took him so long, as this is an adult film in every sense of the word.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the movie, but I do think that Sacha Baron Cohen is a brave soul. You’ve got to respect him for his commitment to making fun of himself as he makes fun of the rest of us. Is he over the top? Yes. Can he be mean-spirited? Yes. Will some people be terribly offended by Bruno while others laugh their butts off? Yes and yes.

But don’t listen to me. Judge for yourself. Or not.

In the meantime, please voice your choice in today’s featured poll. Who’s your favorite Sacha Baron Cohen character: Ali G, Borat or Bruno?

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  1. Nancy says:

    I saw it last night and enjoyed it a lot. I laughed out loud at some things (running with his head covered through the airport straight into a post) but uncomfortably at some things (OMG how does he get away with that without getting beaten up?) and some other things just shocked at how stupid people can be…(things people would allow thier baby to do to get them a photo shoot). The bottom line is that it is so original – things you don’t normally see – and adult and funny – that’s what makes it entertaining…(using Mexicans as furniture? How does he think of these things??). What will he do to offend middle America next? I don’t know, but I will be there to watch (oh I can’t watch!) and laugh.

  2. Lisa says:

    Screams of laughter could be heard from our theater, it was akin to a gay porno but you just cant seem to keep the laughter in…. Bruno is actually quite a lovable guy.

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