A Gossip Girl Spin Off?

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Brittany Snow in the Gossip Girl episode "Valley Girls"

Brittany Snow in the Gossip Girl episode "Valley Girls"

OMG! When last night’s “Valley Girl” episode of Gossip Girl began with Brittany Snow as a young Lily Rhodes (pre-Van Der Woodsen) driving a convertible through Malibu to the sounds of Missing Persons’ “Destination Unknown,” I knew we were in for a real treat. The 1983 flashbacks of Kelly Rutherford’s Gossip Girl character as an L.A. teen are the beginnings of what will hopefully be a spin off series on The CW this fall. Bring it on! I won’t reveal plot points in case you haven’t seen it yet, but I will say that the show’s music supervisor should be commended for the best selection of ’80s tunes ever: Huey Lewis’ “I Want a New Drug,” The English Beat’s “Mirror in the Bathroom,” Modern English’s “I Melt With You,” Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself,” The B-52’s “52 Girls,” New Order’s “Blue Monday,” Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance,” and Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” are all featured prominently in the show. There’s reason to set your Tivo right there. Comment below on what ’80s gem(s) you’d like to hear in future episodes. And while you’re at it, voice your choice in today’s featured poll on which actor will have you tuning in this fall when The CW (hopefully!) picks up the show: Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes, 80s teen heartthrob Andrew McCarthy as Richard Rhodes, or Krysten Ritter as Carol Rhodes.


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