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By fredonelson | 9:26 am on May 7, 2009
Allison Iraheta performs on American Idol

Allison Iraheta performs on American Idol

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who got a little choked up watching teary-eyed 17-year-old Allison Iraheta perform her American Idol swan song, Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby. I suppose it was inevitable that she’d get the boot last night, but I, for one, am really sad to see her go. She’s got pipes, she’s got presence, and she’s got the chops to stand up to Simon. I sure hope she gets a hero’s welcome when she goes home, even it isn’t under the auspices of American Idol’s official top three hometown send-off next week.

We’re down to an unprecedented three male finalists: Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. Who’s your favorite? Be sure to voice your choice in today’s featured poll. They’re all worthy contenders, but I sure would love to see a Kris/Adam final. Is that so wrong? Adam’s Whole Lotta Love performance on Tuesday night was perfection, and Kris’s take on Come Together earned him the first chair of safety in last night’s results show. Speaking of last night’s show, what did you think about the performances by Paula Abdul, No Doubt and Daughtry? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. Scootersmom says:

    Thursday, August 23, 2012….I hope this is not so, but I read somewhere in the journals that Chris had been dropped by his label and is back home in Arkansas. A shame, but winning over Adam Lambert was the unluckiest turn of all for Chris. It brought him gradual destruction if what I read is true. I feel sorry for Chris, he’s such a nice guy. So, however, is the love of my life musically, the wonderful Adam Lambert.

  2. Jospeh Oakes says:

    I believe Donald Trump would be a much better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. – Trump isn’t afraid to voice what he thinks and can be as outspoken as Simon Cowell.

  3. I see American Idol winner Lee has just signed up to RCA records. I cannot wait to hear his upcoming album.

  4. I really loved the top 5 Idol group medley last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly eliminated but I do think the others were better so he needed to go!

  5. Good Morning just figured i would let you know i had a problem with your blog coming up frozen as well. Might be gremlins in the page.

  6. Fuzu says:

    Ooh shoot i just typed a long comment and as soon as i submitted it it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am just stuipd, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  7. apple says:

    Just one abd performance from Danny doesn’ make him unworthy of going on in the competition. He still has an amazing voice and outstanding personality.
    Kris is great, they all are, only he needs to show how his voice can be stronger.
    Adam.. well, he’s a great screaming rocker, and his scream is amazing… but does it really make him the American Idol?
    And yes, I’m very upset that Paula chose that for him. There are such better songs ot there for Danny.
    Everyone is great this year :)

  8. Stacy says:

    Allison should not have been sent home last night… She has talent with a voice and stage presence way beyond her years! She may seem shy or quite but when she comes onto the stage she comes to life and so does the stage… She is light years ahead of her age and will only get better with time. I think she will have a Wonderful future ahead of her but she should have been in the top 3! Adam of course is a seasoned performer that could do a concert today on his own if he just had the financial backing! He knows who he is, he picks the right songs, he’s confident, and all of this causes him to showcase his talent with flawless performances week after week…
    Some of the comments I’ve read before, are so very critical of Danny and everyone is entitled to their opinion however Danny has delivered consistently Awesome or flawless performances every week except this week, which was Rock week, definitely not Danny’s voice… It was Allison & Adam’s week! :-) Danny didn’t do so good on this song and anyone with a half a brain for music new that this type of music would be difficult for him… But during this whole competition, until this week, Danny and Adam were the only two that gave consistently great performances every week… I think they deserve to be the final two, especially now that Awesome Allison is gone… I think they are all three extremely talented and they will have huge careers! I also loved Matt!

  9. Karen says:

    Allison and Adam should have been the finalists. Period. They have the most awesome talent I have seen on American Idol in quite some time. While I think Danny and Kris are “okay” singers, they are nowhere in the ballpark with Adam and Allison. Are people hearing something different from me? I don’t know if it’s a “sympathy” vote or a “cute” vote. This is, or was, a singing competition. But, kudos to Allison on going out with such class. I will definitely buy Allison’s and Adam’s CD. Danny and Kris? They may have one CD, but I’ll be very surprised if it goes any further than that.

  10. China80 says:

    First let me say that if Allison would sang that song on Tuesday night the way she sang it Wednesday night, I don’t think she would have been sent home. She KILLED it on Wednesday!!! Oh my Gosh, she sang that song with passion, feeling, determination which was totally different than Tuesday’s night performance.

    Danny is the one that should have gone home!! His performance Tuesday was awful!! What really KILLS me is that the judges had the “GULL” to give Danny “props” for taking a risk becuase “ROCK” is not his Genre, but criticized Kris who also took a risk and did an “AWESOME” and “ROCK” is also not his Genre. So they were both in the same boat, but the judges are “PROMOTING” a “Adam vs. Danny” finale so they want to engrave that in the American public’s brain so they can vote accordingly!!

    Of course it goes without saying that they also have been “PROMOTING” Adam to be the winner since day one!! Exactly the same way they did last year.

    Fortunatley, though Simon ate his words from last year when he made this statement on the recent article on TV Guide.

    “When you get into the final, everything changes hugely because now you’ve got the whole country focusing on just two people. And I think at the point, Adam would go in at a slight disadvantage. Danny is the safer option – he hasn’t taken as many risks. So I would put it at 55/45, Danny versus Adam. But one song could change everything. I thought David Archuleta walked the final last year. Sitting in that theater, judging the audience, if I had a million dollars to bet, it would all have gone on David Archuleta. We were literally gobsmacked that David Cook won.”


    Pesonally Kriss Allen is an ALL AROUN AMERICAN IDOL MATERIAL!! Should win, but if he does not, I am not worried and his fans shouldn’t either because KRISS ALLEN will be successful!!

  11. merle says:

    I was sad to see Allison go. Her duet with Adam was the best thing I have ever seen on American Idol. I have nothing against Danny but his screeching would not have been forgiven in any other season. Remember last year when sweet Jason Castro got the boot for forgetting the lyrics? Are the fans voting, kids 10-12 years old who don’t get it? C’mon you older people get out there and vote for Adam Lambert. Have you ever seen anybody that exciting with such a beautiful voice in the entire history of the show? Vote for the best singer and performer, Adam Lambert!!!!! I know I’ll be buying Adam’s soon as it comes out.

  12. JuliaNYC says:

    Paula can still move, but why didn’t they at least ATTEMPT to make it seem like she was singing?? And Gwen is amazing. Period.

  13. Pam says:

    No Doubt and Daughtry sounded great last night, but Paula’s lip-synching was atrocious!

  14. BreakDanceKid says:

    I love Idol!!!
    I can’t wait to see who wins!

    I talk about it all the time at work with my co-workers,
    we can’t get enough of it!

    Paula rocks my world!

  15. NumberOneFan says:

    What? Where’s the love for Danny Gokey?

  16. Sierra says:

    I LOVE KRIS!!! OMG! He’s soooo cute.

  17. Riley says:

    I really hope it’s Adam and Kris in the final. I absolutely LOVE Adam!!! I disagree with who America sent home last night, though. I thought Danny’s performance Tuesday night was horrendous and embarrassing. He should have been the one sent home. Go Adam!!!

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