The Dark Knight Triumphs.

By People's Choice | 10:57 pm on January 7, 2009


Certainly no surprise there. Sometimes the People Choose a Really, Really Good Thing When They See One.

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  1. PCA says:

    Hey Fans,
    Thanks for your interest in the Cancelled TV Shows poll results! Since it was a poll, and not an actual voting category, that’s why it wasn’t announced at the show. But we did ultimately post the results on our site for all those who were interested. If you haven’t been able to find it yet, here’s the link: (scroll to the bottom) Thanks!

  2. Boo55 says:

    ok SC, how did you find out???? where is the results?

  3. SC says:

    YEA!!! My Own Worst Enemy did win!!! We knew it had to be the winner!

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  5. SC says:

    I just sent in another question with “contact us”. I was nice again this time… if I don’ t hear back, maybe they only respond to mean people. The question was for the canceled show poll… All of the people speaking up seem to want My Own Worst Enemy to win! i want them to announce it.

  6. Doogle81 says:

    Well, you can tell know one at the PCA’s reads this… Obviously by the disappointed responses, the only people responding to the canceled show category was for MY OWN WORST ENEMY. Something sneaky is going on that NBC doesn’t want talked about… let’s see, they canceled a brilliant show that was up against the NFL and CSI, yet still pulled in a pretty good ratings, they also were obviously not looking at the DVR#’s because MY OWN WORST ENEMY WAS #7 on the list, and now PCA has just decided to not release the winner… I smell something fishy!!! NBC is to blame!!!!

  7. hunter512 says:

    In the category for cancelled show most deserving who won?
    did not hear any announcement.
    why would you have us vote for this category and not tell us who the winner is?

  8. Lizzie says:

    I wanted MY OWN WORST ENEMY to take it on the SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CANCELLED CATEGORY! What happened!

  9. yes!!!! says:

    of course!!!! actually…i was surprised, even though i L-O-V-E love love love! the dark knight, but PEOPLE have bad taste….rascal flats….WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!!

    but yay!!! the dark kinight, christian bail seemed saddd:( i was too

  10. edythe says:

    still awaiting the result for the” cancelled show most deserving ” It was not mention on the air. lots of people voted in this category and no results was given or even mention at all this is not good business.
    I was hoping that the show “my own worst enemy” would win
    and still don’t know if it did or not ,like i say
    this is not good business at all.

  11. Boo55 says:

    what the hell happened to the “cancelled show deserving second chance” poll!! where the hell is that! why have the people vote on this category and not give results! we want answers! i voted for My own worst enemy! this show Rocked!!!!1

  12. SC says:

    I just sent a question into the “contact us” for help on the Canceled show problem. If you want to do the same look to the bottom of the page… if is “FAQs & Contact Us”

    I will let you know if I hear anything.

  13. Hectic Mom says:

    The goal of People’s Choice Awards is to allow the audiance to express an opinion in regards to the entertainment industry. one of the categories was A Cancelled Show that Deserved a Second Chance. I voted faithfully for 32 months for my favorite show. The results were not announced on the show or posted on the website. What happened?

  14. EJ says:

    voted on a daily basis for the show cancelled and deserve a 2nd chance” my own worst enemy “was among them and this field was not even mention with the rest of the awards
    or displayed anywhere. can you tell me who won?

    will not be voting next year till i get a answer this year!!

  15. Atalanta says:

    @ Anisa: I feel ya. I voted every day with the hopes that Iron Man or Downey Jr would bring home some well-deserved accolades from the people. But instead, they went to the drunk super”hero” whose movie is one of the worst of last year. Plus The Secret Life of Bees for best drama? I mean, did anybody actually watch that one…?
    I won’t be wasting my time again as my voice was clearly not heard… Guess there’s no accounting for taste, right?

  16. JB says:

    wy does veryone keep saying Dark Knight was Heath’s last movie? it was not he 1/2way finished one other movie after the taping was done with Dark Knight and many of Heath’s friends filled in the gaps after Heath’s death. Dark Knight was his 2nd to last movie. ;)

  17. Anisa says:

    BOO to People’s Choice Awards. I voted every day for My Own Worst Enemy to win “Canceled shows that deserve a second chance”. They didn’t even announce the winner. I watched the show last night and checked the paper this morning to find out the results. NOTHING!!!

    I won’t watch or vote next year. Thanks for nothing!!!!

  18. SC says:

    hunter512 I agree… I want to find out…

  19. Aries says:

    The dark knight deserved to win all the awards and it did. It had an amazing cast and crew, the movie kicks some serious butt!!! My favorite movie of all time no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christian bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and of course Gary oldman are my favorite actors!!!!!!!! Also Christopher Nolan is the best director ever!!!!!!!!

  20. hunter512 says:

    Would like to know if “My Own Worst Enemy “won for cancell show deserving a 2nd chance?

    it was not announce was this overlook? so who won this in field? Is there any way we could find out please.

  21. Lianne says:

    I was VERY appreciative of the fact that the Dark Knight won and deservedly so.
    The People did choose what they thought was a GREAT movie and cast and I feel good knowing as a huge fan of this movie it got the recognition it was suppose to.

    Chrisian Bale, Aaron Eckhart and Christopher Nolan were very honerable in appearing and accepting the awards. Christian was right in recognizing Heath Ledger. Without Heath, it wouldn’t have been the same.

    If only the other awards shows would understand how people like movies and not just pick and choose certain critics to pick movies that come out at the END of the year. I am still floored that the Golden Globes only took recognition of the Dark Knight for just Heath Ledger………it deserved way MORE than that.

    Thank You People’s Choice for understanding and seeing what people truly loved…….Thank You.

    Go Dark Knight – You certainly will never be forgotten with our family!!!

    Lianne and Clan

  22. Linda says:

    Yes, I just notice I spelled Christain “Bales” name wrong in my previous post…LOL. OOPS! LOL

  23. Linda says:

    I was babysitting last night for my best friend and I only caught the last 10 minutes of the show…omg, I’m so glad I caught the end of the show. Mr. Bail was so classy in his speech and at the end when he raised the award and said “this is for Heath”, I got a tear in my eye. This movie was an incredible movie…all the cast shined, and unfortunately, this was Heath’s last role…and my personal favorite role he was ever in. The moment last night touched me. :)

  24. Maegan says:

    Oh i’m so glad the dark knight won it is so good and Christian Bale was great in saying what he did,they all deserve awards and got them it’s about time,they where and are all amazing at what they do and hope they get the awards they deserve in the years to come :) WE ARE STILL PRAYING

  25. jackie says:

    finally the dark knight gets what it deserves.. the best movie of 2008 by FAR. the entire cast deserves an award

  26. luckyld says:

    i just wish that stephen moyer who plays as the sexy vampire charater bill compton would be at the peoples choice awards he should win as the best actor & for the best charater in the tv series HBO true blood i love this charater he’s my favorate sexy charater.

  27. Shantelle says:

    That’s such a good photo of Queen Latifa handing the trophy over to Christian Bale. So touching and moving.. was just looking at it again. :) He looked like he was going to cry.

    Again.. a well deserved win. Go Heath Ledger. They should have had another tribute of him after that. Think this was the last time we’ll see The Dark Night up for an award.

  28. Renigade4x4 says:

    I wish he won the best male actor!!! He to me and my children was the best actor last year…. All the great Movies he has done he has made us laugh and cry. He is missed
    Thank you all out there

  29. Lin Baker says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a movie where the bad guy steals every scene. I watched it again today and am still blown away with Heath’s capability to make the Joker into a maniacal monster that you couldn’t help but watch. I hope this movie goes down as one of the best of all times.

  30. SC says:

    Godot, I really wanted to know whether My Own Worst Enemy won the Poll on the Canceled tv show that deserves a second chance… Am I missing it on the list?

  31. Heather T says:

    The Dark Knight truly deserved all 5 awards. It is VERY sad that Heath wasn’t here but in spirit to see what he really brought to this film, his co-workers and the fans that love and miss him. Christian Bale was very gracious to take that moment out to give praise to Heath. It was very easy to get caught up in the moment of 5 awards at once….but he did not. You could tell he was very sad and missing his friend. God Bless them all. They will nail the awards at the Golden Globes also. Matilda you are a lucky little girl to have Heath as your Dad 4-ever in your heart.

  32. lynn says:

    I truly loved the movie the Dark Knight,I’m glad they won, however I don’t think they gave Heath Ledger enough praise, his role as the joker is what made the movie, his role was as well played as Christian Bale as Batman, The two actors complemented each other, Heath will be missed.

  33. Godot says:

    Seconding what SC said. Though, Dr. Horrible /did/ win. It just wasn’t announced… Which is rather depressing.

  34. Shantelle says:

    SC, you’re not alone. I think it went way too fast! It was hard to keep up. I wish they would have shown more musical performances, or something.. too much editing and timing cuts. Like with the whole makeover thing! lol

  35. SC says:

    What about the Show Deserving a second chance?!?!!! I am pretty irritated that I watched that whole thing and didn’t see one of the main things i was voting for!!!! I am disappointed in that. If this is what can be expected, adding then just dropping something we’ve been voting on for weeks, then…

  36. Shantelle says:

    Go The Dark Night!! A well deserved win!! Awesome cast and story line!! Was such a sad, but good movie.

    Way to go Christian Bale and Heath Ledger!!

    Heath you are truly missed. May God bless you.

  37. Antoinette says:

    I’m so glad Christian, Aaron, and Christopher were there to accept. I really think it’s one of the best movies ever made. Right now, it’s just thought of as popular, but time will tell. Congratulations to everyone who worked on it. And thanks People’s Choice Awards for letting the fans have a say. :D

  38. bev says:

    Heath has been great in everything he has done. Dark Knight was good but not great.

  39. Sabryna says:

    I knew Dark Night would take a whole bunch of awards
    Best movie of the will be hard to beat it
    RIP Heath

  40. Me Adams says:

    I figured it would win, more as a tribute to Heath Ledger if nothing else.

  41. Pinky says:

    hmm, didn’t like it that much it was over acted by ledger and bale, gary oldman on the other side was brilliant. I’ve seen better super hero movies

  42. cupcakestl says:

    Wow I love everyone that was in the movie!! Great JOB

  43. jim & kat says:


  44. SC says:

    What about the online categories? I want to know if Dr. Horrible won…

  45. Donna says:

    *sniff*I knew the Dark Knight would win & Heath is watching over them *sniff*

  46. Joker fan!! says:

    The dark night is the beeest!!!!!!!! Im so glad this movie won… too bad heath ledger isn’t there:( he was the best actor ever!!!

  47. Maclogo says:

    My God, Heath Ledger was sooooo good.

  48. HeathFan says:

    I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it. It’s so sad that it is Heath’s last film. What a great actor.

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