Reese. Plain and simple. She takes it.

By People's Choice | 9:40 pm on January 7, 2009

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  1. Hi, thanks so much for these tips! My blogs usually do bring readers and responses. One thing I do is engage with the readers. Answer questions in responses and make clarifications where needed. I think they appreciate that I take the time to talk to them.

  2. Donna says:

    sorry ange didn’t win it.

  3. Cole of Cordele, GA says:

    “All Summer Long” was THE song of the year! Kid “Rock” is definitely the pick for Favorite Rock Song!

  4. far2golden says:

    She is just CUTE and a MOVIE STAR……….

  5. LOL says:


    Razzie Award nominations – Reese is nominated for the Worst Actress.

  6. Robin says:

    I’m glad she beat Angelina.

  7. Tony says:

    This is a PR set up.

    There is no way that Reese has more fans than Angelina!!!

  8. Jeni says:

    How many SOs did she say in her speech

  9. gatorfan1 says:

    Reese is a sweetie but absolutely stupid movie!

  10. Jessie Rice says:

    Angelina Jolie should have gotten it!!!

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