Dancing with the Stars takes the Trophy

By People's Choice | 9:19 pm on January 7, 2009

Hey …who’s surprised? Isn’t this the most popular show dancing show ever?

Best Reality Show …

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  1. TV News says:

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  2. ladybug85 says:

    I agree with John. The last season of “Dancing with the Stars” was a huge joke and nearly killed the series. It was clearly the “Jump the Shark” season. ABC is going too far with all of their shows. First “Desperate Housewives,” then “Grey’s Anatomy,” and now “Dancing with the Stars.”

  3. John Brady says:

    The last season of “Dancing with the Stars” stunk. The talent was average at best and the producers chose losers like Kim Kadashian, who filmed a sex tape, and Lance Bass who only cares about being in the media. He disappeared into thin air after NSYNC broke up and all he was well-known for after that was coming out of the closet. The show has also had bad people like Mark Cuban, Heather Mills, and Jerry Springer. The show did not deserve it this year. “American Idol” season 7 should’ve won because it had alot of talenteted singers.

  4. arimarie says:

    DWTS is the best! I’m glad people are finally realizing it!

  5. Maclogo says:

    The Best. Very entertaining and fun.

  6. gatorfan1 says:

    When does new season start? Love this show!

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